Money Archetypes Assessment
Please rank each statement below on a scale from 1-5  
(1 = Strongly disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = Neutral 4 = Agree 5 = Strongly Agree)

 Your score will be tallied at the end.

Instructions: Please complete all the questions and allow your first thought to be your best thought and choice. Answer these questions from a high view of your whole life and not just from what you are experiencing this moment in time. When you complete this assessment you’ll receive your scores, ways to deeper understand their meaning and how to leverage your strengths in the most powerful way.


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I am a generous person, often giving or loaning money to others
I like calculating the pros and cons of taking a financial risk.
I often find myself coming to the aide of others, financially or otherwise.
I am willing to risk money for a potentially large financial gain.
Despite my best efforts, something often happens to complicate my life financially.
I secretly feel clever or even superior to others about money.
I find myself waiting to be paid because of someone else’s needs or reasons.
I like gaining the upper hand with money.